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Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority.

Experience Is The Difference You Need!

As a lean manufacturer & supplier of S.A.F.E. equipment to the civilian and military sectors, we are exclusively dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing custom equipment that assures safe access and fall protection for workers around the world. As a result, we are the global leader in custom access platforms, fall protection platforms,  maintenance stands, hangar equipment, ground support equipment and portable field equipment for aircraft, marine, railway, and  heavy equipment applications spanning across all industries.

Experience backed by teamwork support is our commitment to you.


Taking S.A.F.E. to a whole new level with 360 degrees of protection!

The vision of S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is to provide the industry with a better option for obtaining access platforms, fall protection, and other hangar equipment at cost-effective prices without sacrificing quality.

Platforms help to keep your technicians safe from the unexpected, even if the accident happens to be a fall. Our heavy equipment and combat vehicle fall protection platforms are designed to provide their operators with a premier level of accessibility and protection. Crew protection is becoming a requirement in our industry and you will see this emphasis placed into our design.  Our team will design your vision on our dollar, so why not give us a try!

Protecting you is what we do

Anyone can promise you an unparalleled commitment to the mission of your organization, but it takes more than simple words to fulfill that promise. Your needs may be ever-evolving, but your expectations for quality will always remain the same. You deserve the very best and S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is prepared to deliver to your highest expectations.

It’s Time For You To Take Control

At S.A.F.E. Structure Designs, you will always find us standing behind those who have dedicated their lives to the protection of others. Our design, engineering, and manufacturing emphasis is built around one overall goal: to make sure you can take control of any situation, no matter where you may find yourself. Whether you’re performing standard maintenance on an aircraft or you’re operating heavy equipment in less than ideal situations, you’ll find that our products, services, and advanced systems technologies will help you perform your work safely and effectively.