S.A.F.E. Structure is a preferred partner in providing solution driven aviation support equipment to civilian and military customers. We specialize in the innovative design and manufacturing of “S.A.F.E.” aircraft maintenance stands, fall protection platforms, hangar equipment, portable field equipment and specialty tooling for all aviation applications.

You expect a lot out of your aircraft. You should expect even more from your maintenance support equipment.

FullSizeRenderS.A.F.E. Structure has worked alongside aircraft mechanics around the world to design the best products to meet the needs of the aviation industry. Our industry-leading platforms for rotor and fixed-wing aircraft will increase your mechanic’s efficiency while providing a safe working environment.

We aim to assist maintenance workers within their company budget, delivering enhanced safety to the entire military and civilian aviation community at a highly competitive cost.   We work closely with you to understand and define your exact requirements and ensure that we provide the best solution to your challenges.

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We design your vision on our dollar… so why not try us!!!  S.A.F.E. offers products for all aircraft models.  

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